Thank you, Jesse, for pointing out that fact. ;-)


PS, If it where not for the few of us that have *actually had ESP experiences*, that can not be refuted as hallucinations or temporal lobe seizures, etc., (I can't claim to speak for Richard on this) and are willing to find consistent explanations for such within physics, would the Everything list not degenerate into a cacophonous echo chamber?

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"New Agers"? Few of us on this list believe in stuff like ESP, the only
exceptions I know of are rmiller and Stephen Paul King. Most of us believe
in a completely reductionist view of how the brain produces intelligent
behavior (ie we think a sufficiently detailed simulation of a brain would
behave just as intelligently as the original), even if some think there is a mystery about the first-person aspects of consciousness. The main purpose of
the list is to discuss the idea that all logically possible universes (or
observer-moments) exist--is that a standard New Age belief?

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