Lee Corbin wrote:

If I, on the other hand, knew that this wonderful room was going to
be available to me on a specific date, I would collect all my favorite
movies, my best books, some certain chemicals that it is best not to
describe in detail, and would look forward to the most wonderful
afternoon of my life.  I would enthusiastically pay a good fraction
of my net worth for this opportunity.

Why?  Why would I do it?  Because logic grabs me by the throat and
*forces* me to   :-)

What is the logic here exactly, though? From a third person point of view, why is it objectively "better" to have a lot of copies of you having identical good experiences than it is to have only a single copy have the same good experience? After all, if they lied to you and never made any copies at all, no version of you would ever know the difference.

Also, wouldn't the same logic tell you that if we lived in a utopian society where pretty much everyone was happy, it would be immoral to use birth control because we want to make the number of people having happy experiences as high as possible? That doesn't seem like a position that anyone who rejects first-person thinking would automatically accept.


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