>>Norman Samish writes:  Stathis, when you say "if you believe that 
>>everything possible exists" are you implying that everything possible need 
>>NOT exist (thus refuting Tegmark)?  Wouldn't this mean that space-time was 
>>not infinite?  What hypothesis could explain finite space-time?

>Brent Meeker writes: Spacetime could be infinite without "everything 
>possible" existing.  It might even depend on how you define "possible". 
>Are all real numbers "possible"?

Norman Samish writes:
Brent, to me this is cryptic.  Can you enlarge on what you mean?  Your 
statement seems to contradict what I've read, more than once; "In infinite 
space and time, anything that can occur must occur, not only once but an 
infinite number of times."  I don't know the author or source, but I've 
assumed this is a mathematical truism.  Am I wrong?

As for "Are all real numbers 'possible'?"  According to the definitions I 
use, the answer, of course, is yes.  I obviously do not understand the point 
you are trying to make.

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