Hi Chris,

   Welcome! I look forward to your posts. ;-)

BTW, I have neglected to post my own "Joining" statement, so let me introduce myself. I am a self-taught student of philosophy of science, specializing on the Problems of Time and Consciousness. I somewhat follow Chalmers' ideas on consciousness and subscribe to Hitoshi Kitada's theory of Local Time (www.kitada.com). I am a co-moderator of the Time List (yahoogroups.com).

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My name is Chris Peck, this is my joining post. I have not seen anyone elses, so im not entirely sure what's expected.

I have Ba in Philosophy from University College London, and an MSc in IT from the same institution.

Im interested in philosophy of science - particularly the dispute between Popper, Feyerabend, Lakatos etc; philosophy of mind; of language; logical theory; personal identity and have recently become quite interested in possible world theory through the writings of Plantinga, Stalnaker and so on.

I think my favorite philosophical quote, indeed my guiding principle if you like, comes from 'Naming and Necessity' by Saul Kripke, it goes:

'Some philosophers think that something's having intuitive content is very inconclusive evidence in favor of it. I think that it is very heavy evidence in favor of anything myself. I really don't know, in a way, what more conclusive evidence one can have about anything, ultimately speaking.'


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