Lee, Stephen, Stathis, Jonathan,

Thanks for your illuminating responses.

I went to http://internationalreporter.com/news/read.php?id=641 and left a 
message telling them that I objected to the slur on Hawking, and that I 
thought Dr. Baldev was a charlatan.  I also rated the article as "Bad," the 
worst available rating.

Somebody responded with thanks.  In addition to their gratitude, I noticed 
that my "Bad" rating of the article had been magically transformed into 

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>     "After about 9 months from the release of the book of Dr. Raj Baldev, 
> Stephen Hawking, one of the noted authorities on Black Hole changed his 
> idea about the Black Hole.  Hawking was of the firm opinion that nothing 
> could escape from the Black Hole, not even light and nothing could come 
> out of it.  But in July 2004, at 17th International Conference on General 
> Relativity and Gravitation in Dublin, he admitted his mistake that he was 
> wrong for thirty years."
>Hawking wrong about "nothing could escape black holes"?  Has the writer 
>never heard of Hawking radiation? Hawking began writing about black holes 
>evaporating as far back as the 1970s.

I think he's talking about Hawking changing his mind as to whether 
information can escape from black holes. Hawking always said radiation can 
escape, but believed all information was destroyed. He changed his mind 
about that. The above quote is pure bovine excrement. Baldev probably got 
his doctorate in farming technology.

Jonathan Colvin 

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