Bruno, Stathis et al,
    What you say is clearly true.  It's as though expertise in one field 
convinces some people, often those in charge surrounded by sycophants,  that 
anything they say must be true.  This is deplorable because these aberrant 
statements undermine all the true statements they have made.
    Just because Einstein or Marchal or Samish says it's so doesn't make it 
so.  That's hard to accept.  That means that everything I'm told I have to 
personally reason through in order to accept it - I can't accept things at 
face value - if I do I make mistakes.  (I make mistakes in any case, but try 
to minimize them!)
    I hope that contributors to this list will keep this in mind.  If you 
want to convince me of something, please make your argument convincing - 
include references, avoid jargon.  I can't accept it just because you say 
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> Charlatan, maybe...

I have discovered that *many* scientist can be serious in a field and
very bad or even charlatan in another field.
It is certainly a reason to be skeptic of all authoritative arguments.


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