hi all. I am posting a "want ad" for a QM formalist who is
very conversant in the mathematical formalism. here is the proposal:

over the last few years I have developed an ad hoc theory that
I believe comes very close to the QM formalism. this theory is
classical & local. it is very easily visualized & the mathematics
is quite elementary yet its deeper implications are compelling & I believe,
beyond the scope of existing conventional thought. 

it is not widely appreciated/understood/realized/known
at all how close a classical theory can come to matching virtually ALL
the formaliism of QM.

an easy way to visualize it is as follows. it is similar to t'hoofts
new theory about SHOs (see quant-ph archives) although 
I initially developed it independently.

imagine a set of detectors and emitters for sound. the emitters
are just speakers that vary perfectly sinusoidally. the detectors
are simply DIGITIZERS. the theory arises completely &
naturally from considering the behavior & dynamics
of the most sensitive bit of the digitizers, the LSB. the emitters
are analogous to particles in QM.

much more elaboration on the specifics 
in the archives of my group, qm2 @ yahoogroups.com. Ive mostly focused
on interpretation, not so much the formalism.

the mission for the formalist mathematician, should you accept it:

I have written scientific papers before alone but would prefer a 
collaboration. I would like to work with someone who has written
a scientific paper. an online collaboration.

I will outline the full contents of the paper very carefully, 
all the conceptual level details. 
we will work thru it together. you will get all the
nitty gritty mathematics correct, and boil it down into something
extremely elegant but missing most of the mind-numbing complexity
of most existing QM papers-- something that can be readily understood
by a gifted undergraduate. 

you will function as the scribe, compiler
& secretary outside of the cases where I will be depending on your 
specific talent for getting the formalism precisely right.

the key requirement on your part is an excellent understanding of 
the wavefn as it operates uniquely 
in both classical and QM systems-- something
that is (imho) surprisingly lacking in existing literature & mass
physicist consciousness. 

also needed, the desire to advance scientific knowledge
to where no one has gone before & solve the intensely perplexing
problems that have defied a century's greatest minds. 

and, intense focus that can be carried over a long period of time.  
motivated by nothing else but curiosity & shere intellectual/scientific 

finally, desire to communicate a critical discovery in the most
efficient and lucid way possible.

if you know anyone of this type, plz pass along this post & have
them contact me.

(otherwise I will just have to do it all myself in a bit more time, wink)

tx very much

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