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I am still at the point where I cannot quite imagine how a
huge nest of bit strings (say all the real numbers between
0 and 1) manages to (in stasis) emulate all possible
conscious experiences of all possible entities. But I
still have an open mind.

   I don't have a problem with that statement given that "in principle":

1) There is at least one Real number that is Identical to the bitstring (of an algorithm) that IF implemented would render a simulation that is Identical to some particular conscious experience.

2) All possible conscious experiences have a simulating/emulating/rendering algorithm that is isomorphic to some Real number.

I do have a problem with the Time Deniers in that I find their postulation that the mere ab initio existence of the Real Numbers, ala Mathematical Platonism, is sufficient to necessitate the unassailable fact (1st person for me - incorrigibility!) that I am having a conscious experience of typing these words on my computer.

There is a huge difference in kind between "existing" and "emulating". Existing is atemporal by definition since existence can not depend on any other property. Emulations involve some notion of a process and such are temporal. The idea that a process, of any kind, can "occur" requires some measure of both transitivity and duration. The mere *existence* of a process only speaks to its potential for occurrence.

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