Le 07-juil.-05, à 08:51, Stathis Papaioannou a écrit :

If mind uploads were to become a reality, I think the best strategy would be research into brain-computer interfacing.

I think so. I have recently discovered impressioning progress in neuronal nets used for handicaped (completely paralyzed) people. They are able to learn fast the handling of a cursor and files on a computer. No doubt it will be used soonely to vide-games and in the middle run it could replace the keyboard for most application. Then those neuronal nets will grow into "artificial" sort of neocortex and I can imagine taking up the main role in our brain information processing. Then we could just abandon brain! Yet I think Cryo will progress too, most probably by genetic manipulation, copying and ameliorating some molecular technics used by frogs I think.



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