Hi stathis, 

Le Dimanche 10 Juillet 2005 13:22, Stathis Papaioannou a écrit :
> Nevertheless, I still think
> it would be *extremely* difficult to emulate a whole brain.

while I agree with you about the difficulty to emulate a brain that already 
exists (such as emulate you or me for example), I don't think it is as such 
difficult as to emulate a conscious being. I remenber not so long ago the 
project mindpixel which was about to learn the common sense to a machine.

I do think that passing the turing test is possible, and if it is one day 
succesfully passed by a machine (and not once but several time), It will be a 
proof that we are indeed turing emulable... if it is so, Bruno's theory will 
not be far from the truth ;)


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