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> Esteemed Prof. Standish,

You're sounding German here: "Sehr Geherte Herr Professor Standish".
Its how they broke the enigma code, you know! At least I'm not the
"Very Estimated Professor Standish".

>    Thank you for that correction. ;-) But you are missing the point that I 
> am trying to make here! :_(

I wasn't really missing the point, just not commenting on your
point. I don't think it fair to combine a technical correction with a critique.

I think you were trying to use the non-Abelian nature (lack of
commutability) of observables to make some statements about ordering
of events, however you were confusing this with the nonordered
property of complex numbers.

More seriously though, given that the experience of time is a 1st
person thing, the ordering of observables is chosen, so there is a
definite ordering to experienced time. My TIME postulate assumes this
ordering, for example.

Noncommutability of observables surely can only effect the possibility
of ordering of 3rd person events, which I suspect nobody here has
given much thought to (least of all, me).


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