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Thank you for reminding me to read that paper! It has been in my stack for about a year.

I have been a long advocate that contextuality is very important in physics and must be taken into account within any "realist" philosophy. Whether contextuality manifests in terms of an environment within which decoherence of a QM system's entanglement obtains or some notion of an observer or some idea (that I am searching for) that spans between these, it must no be neglected. One of the best experiments that needs to be considered with regard to contextuality is the "quantum eraser":

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Any ideas on the 3rd person aspect?
Are you assuming that that commutability
or non-commutativity of observables
is fixed a priori?

There are problems about consistency between
measurements on the same system
and related commutativity/non commutativity
between density matrices.

More than this, our usual assumption that the result
of the measurement of a certain operator A
depends _only_ on the state of the quantum system
we are measuring, and nothing else,
is flawed ((in general, not when the state
of the quantum system is an eigenstate
of the operator A). There is contextuality.


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