Le 16-juil.-05, à 08:29, Hal Finney a écrit :

Well, there are several possible solutions to this, none of them
terribly attractive.  One is the possibility that our measures within
the MWI are much higher than they seem, because somehow our existence
is much more inevitable than we would suppose.  Rather than all the
quantum branches producing totally different worlds, somehow most of
them produce worlds with us in them, the specific people on this list,
Bruno and Russell and all the others.  It may seem absurd or bizarre,
but I suppose it's not impossible.  In that case we occupy many of the
quantum branches rather than an infinitesimal fraction of them, and our
measures in the MWI are high.

Yes, but remember Bruno and Russell consider the Relative "SSA" (RSSA). Most of the worlds "containing Bruno and Russell" have "Bruno and Russell" in most of their successor world. Neither Bruno and Russell pretend this to be true concerning *all* possible worlds! The fact that I have (with comp) 2^aleph_0 immediate successors does not prevent worlds "without me" to have as many successors, perhaps more.



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