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> Then you should avoid saying "Scientists believe
> that the universe is  
> one giant computer."
> Not only many scientist disagree, but actually this
> is in contradiction  
> with the comp. hyp. (the computationalist hypothesis
> which asserts that  
> "I" am simulable by a computer). I know it is often
> confuse but I have  
> propose an argument according to which if I am a
> computer then whatever  
> the "physical universe can be" it cannot be a
> computer (perhaps even it  
> cannot be, at all).
> (But of course the comp hyp could be false.)

O.K, perhaps I should clarify that and state that I
think 'binary numbers' (0's and 1's) are the ultimate
'stuff' of reality.  Pure binary maths by itself is
not quite 'computation' is it?  I think 'computation'
requires that some minimal *meaning* be assigned to
the 0's and 1's.  So I could agree that the universe
is not a computer.  It's just pure binary math.

So what do you think of the idea that the ultimate
fabric of reality is pure binary math?


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