Le 28-juil.-05, à 06:20, Marc Geddes a écrit :

O.K, perhaps I should clarify that and state that I
think 'binary numbers' (0's and 1's) are the ultimate
'stuff' of reality.  Pure binary maths by itself is
not quite 'computation' is it?  I think 'computation'
requires that some minimal *meaning* be assigned to
the 0's and 1's.  So I could agree that the universe
is not a computer.  It's just pure binary math.

So what do you think of the idea that the ultimate
fabric of reality is pure binary math?

Perhaps. Any math in which you can represents the computable functions will do (assuming comp). But that will only be the initial decor. The point now is to explain the aroma of coffee from it, and not only that, but to get the biggest part of the (first person) plenitude. And also the (probably first person plural) charge of the electron (just to convince the physicist!).




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