Le 08-août-05, à 00:11, Lee Corbin a écrit :

Jesse and Norman gave excellent reasons for us not to abandon the
objective stance.

I think we all agree here. I am not sure that anyone regular in this list has ever abandon or proposed to abandon the objective stance. It is quite the contrary, concerning subjectivity, we make hypotheses, in general in a way as to make them testable (like comp or the quantum hypothesis), so that we can develop an objective talk on it, and derive objective facts from it.

Note that Everett and Deutsch proceed like this. The only way to suppress the collapse of the wave packet in quantum physics (and without changing QM like Bohm or de Broglie) is by accepting the existence of an objective line between objectivity (described here by the SWE) and subjectivity (described here by sequence of memories in classical machines).



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