I also have some trouble with the idea that we "share an I", as you put it, as I don't know to what extent
 I do share mine with anyone! My notion is, instead, that the "I" is exactly what we DO NOT SHARE, what makes us different,
 while Reality is all the rest: what we DO share in a very obvious sense. Otherwise, why would we disagree? Do we slice
the Plenitude in parallel?
Hi Godfrey

The "I" that I consider consists of a logical system that defines and coincides with the physical system that the "I" inhabits. Thus the world (the slice of the plenitude that we can observe) is anthropically constrained by the "I." 

A first consequence is that physics is perfectly rational and understandable since it matches the "I." (This is a response to Einstein's question of why  is the world subject to rational analysis)

A second consequence is that your  logical system is the same as mine, - we share the same "I," - hence your world is the same as mine - we share the same world or perspective of the plenitude. Therefore, you and me appear to share an objective reality.

Objective reality is an illusion that disappears when observers differ in their frame of reference. In this particular case, it does not exist when observers operate according to different but entirely consistent fundamental logics. In fact, such observers would have a lot of difficulty communicating since their worlds would be different slices of the plenitude.


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