Hi Saibal,

You are correct that Gerard 't Hooft is one of the world exponents in QFTh.
But Quantum Field Theory is but one small piece of QM and one in which
non-local effects do not play a direct role (as of yet). Understandably
't Hooft's forays into Quantum Mechanics have not, however, been
very insightful as he himself confesses (you can check his humorous
slides in the Kavli Institute symposium of last year on the Future of Physics).

So far he has supplied mostly some interesting simple CA models from which one can indeed extract something akin to superpositions but that in no way bypasses
the basic facts of entanglement and non-local correlations.

He may very well be the very last hold out for a deterministic (an thus
classically mechanistic) point-of-view but I would not count him out
just yet. If any one around has the brain to deal with this its him!
That much I will grant you...

(Now I have met 't Hooft! 't Hooft was a neighbor of mine and I tell
you: Bruno is no 't Hooft! ;- )

Best regards

Godfrey Kurtz
(New Brunswick, NJ)

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Godfrey Kurtz wrote

> More specifically: I believe QM puts a big kabosh into any non-quantum
> mechanistic view of the physical world. If you
> don't get that, than maybe you don't get a lot of other things, Bruno.
> Sorry if this sounds contemptuous. It is meant
> to be.

There aren't many people with a better understanding of QFT than 't Hooft.








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