On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 05:21:50PM +0200, Bruno Marchal wrote:
> > This is a personal 
> > copy and I would ask you not to redistribute it. 
> > 
> I will try to get some authorization. It will be hard for me not 
> putting that paper in my webpage. Did you just scanned it. I would 
> acknowledge the fact. You can give me suggestion for preventing your 
> sending into  jail ;-) 

My copy I obtained through JStor (http://www.jstor.org), but I'm not
allowed to redistribute it under the terms of the license. I detest
this balkanisation of scientific knowledge, but aside from ensuring my
own work is available through open channels (eg arXiv), there is not
too much one can do about it.

At least my institution can still afford JStor!


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