Lee and Stephen:
since we have only our subjective access to "out
there" does it make any difference if it is "REALLY?"
like we interpret it, or in an untraceable manner:
Provided that there IS indeed something - not 'out
there' because we are IN IT as well. We assume so.
Then again Descart has been updated to:
"I am thinking therefore I think I am"

All the rest of this thread is up to our model we
chose to abide by, including quantum science or the

Happy solipsism! - your own one, not Google's.

John Mikes

--- Lee Corbin <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > But subjectivity is certain.
> Since the only thing that is certain is "I think
> therefore I am" or 
> "...I am thinking", it's not a stretch to say that
> no worthwhile 
> knowledge is certain.  All knowledge is conjectural.
>  To be fair,
> you should google for "Pan Critical Rationalism" if
> you have not
> already read up on it.
> Lee

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