Hi Lee,

As much as I sympathise with your call for preservation of naive realism
and agree entirely with your opinion on the demerits of introspection
I have to take issue with half of what you say below:

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>I'm not too sure what you mean by "to embed". If we are seeking to *explain* >---if that is what you mean---then we cannot explain QM by classical physics, >but we *can* explain classical physics by QM. (I take our primary activity to >be---and the activity I'm most interesting in participating in---*explaining*.)



Yes we cannot explain QM by classical physics but NEITHER can we explain
from QM the classical world we know and love with its well defined and
assigned elements of (naive) physical reality that you so much cherish, I am afraid!
If we did there would not be no Measurement Problem, no spooky
long-distance correlations, no zombie Schrodinger Cat's around to haunt us...

You see, amplitudes don't just add! They also multiply and square!

I hope this does not add to your grumpiness. The miracle of experience
you talk about is still there, of course. Even more so, perhaps.


Godfrey Kurtz
(New Brunswick, NJ)

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