Hi Godfray,

I must leave my office, and I let you know just my first impression of your last post. First I hope you will accept my apologies for having skip unintentionally your demand for my hypotheses.

I am saying this because I actually think that it is the real interesting and original part of your proposal and it does not need those two other huge "body guards" which I happen to be friends with. OK?

I can say yes. Nevertheless, the "bodyguards" will appear necessary when you go through the reasoning at some point. Actually most computer scientist who does not want to abandon physicalism after the reading of my reasoning, does abandon comp under the form of abandoning the Arithmetical Realism (AR) part of it!
Few abandon the YES doctor part (curiously enough).
None, until now, abandon Church thesis, but it *is* a logical way out.
But I will comment more carefully your post tomorrow. I will just print it now.

A demain,



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