Russel writes

> > why *probabilities* emerge from squared amplitudes, I couldn't
> > tell you. I'm not sure that anyone knows---as I recall, many
> > this is related to the basis problem of the MWI (though 
> > Deutsch and others say that decoherence takes care of 
> > everything, though).
> This is simply the Born rule - I give a derivation of the Born rule in
> my paper "Why Occam's Razor". Some other people on this list have
> asserted prior derivations of the Born rule also, which wouldn't
> overly surprise me as its not that mysterious.

Is it in the part of
that begins


    In the previous sections, I demonstrate that formal
    mathematical systems are the most compressible, and
    have highest measure amongst all members of the
    Schmidhuber ensemble. 

or if not, just where?


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