Hi Quentin,

No harm done. I think I understand your comment and I fully
agree that I sound like I am bluffing. But I still have hope that
Bruno will come to his senses and accept my bargain (which is
much less risky than the one his Doctor proposes, by the way!)

I take it that French is your native language from your reply header.

Godfrey Kurtz
(New Brunswick, NJ)

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Le Vendredi 19 Août 2005 18:27, vous avez écrit :
> Dear Quentin,
> Je m'excuse. It is not my intension to insult anyone least of all you
> since I don't quite remember having directed any message to you
> personally!

No, none directed to me... I don't know if it's my poor comprehension of english... but anyway I don't really like when people just want to "show" by acting as if they knew "the real knowledge"... I apologize for feeling it
like that... But as it was not your intention.

I would feel shame to ask you to unsubscribe, it wasn't at all my intention, just let the discussion stay sane (with a message like mine, I understand it
's not the better way for it to stay sane ;).


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