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No harm done. I think I understand your comment and I fully
agree that I sound like I am bluffing.

To say the less ... :-)

But I still have hope that
Bruno will come to his senses

Well thanks Godfrey. I also hope I will come to my senses. Actually I hope I am in my senses. And I hope you are in your senses too, or, if not, that you will come to your senses, too.

and accept my bargain (which is
much less risky than the one his Doctor proposes, by the way!)

Yes but some will think that accepting an artificial part of the brain is much less risky when the alternative is dying and suffering quasi-surely the next month.

Technology has already invaded the brain. Comp is already practiced.

I show that comp is falsifiable.

You pretend that the YD is already false! I can understand Quentin's impatience.

I know already you can't be serious, because you pretend talking about something I would not have anticipated, but you acknowledge not having the need to read what I wrote (!?). And at the same time you are saying something very big. To refute YD you need to show that there are no level of description of ourselves capable of being Turing-emulable. You would refute my reasoning at step 0! Go ahead. You are the first one who tries this. In general people try at least at step 3!

(I follow the numbering (8 steps) of the Universal Dovetailer Argument like in this pdf slides:
Explanations are in the SANE paper:
http://iridia.ulb.ac.be/~marchal/publications/ SANE2004MARCHALAbstract.html)

Oh I see you have another post still without your argument! I will answer it quickly because I indulge your little diversions but it is probably a weakness of my part.



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