Russell Standish wrote:
On Wed, Aug 17, 2005 at 04:30:21PM -0700, Lee Corbin wrote:

Your point about the squared modulus is well taken. Just why
*probabilities* emerge from squared amplitudes, I couldn't
tell you. I'm not sure that anyone knows---as I recall, many
this is related to the basis problem of the MWI (though Deutsch and others say that decoherence takes care of everything, though).


This is simply the Born rule - I give a derivation of the Born rule in
my paper "Why Occam's Razor". Some other people on this list have
asserted prior derivations of the Born rule also, which wouldn't
overly surprise me as its not that mysterious.


I've haven't read your derivation, but I've read quant-ph/0505059 by VAn Esch which is a proof that the Born Rule is independent of Everett's MWI and cannot be derived from it.

How do you avoid Van Esch's counter example.

Brent Meeker

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