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How is this the case? YD requires that the mind, or some token of subjective awareness, can be faithfully represented in terms of TM, or some other equivalent that can be implemented in a finite number of steps in a physically realizable machine. It is my belief that such TM are equivalent to Boolean algebras which have been proven to not be able to faithfully represent any QM system having more than 2 dimensions. A QM system, or more to the point here, its logical equivalent can embed at least one Complete Boolean Algebra. The converse is not possible exept for the trivial case. Unless the Multiverse is restricted to 2 dimensions, how does your claim *not* fall apart?



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Do you think that YD is incompatible with (SWE + collapse) or with only SWE?

(YD = accepting an artificial brain for some level of description ("Yes Doctor");
SWE = Schroedinger Wave Equation).

Imo, YD is the driving motor of the Everett "interpretation" of QM.

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