Hi Godfrey,
    Thanks for the ID.  Now I know that "Godfrey" is one of the 
mind-stretchers on this list.
    I hope that Saibal will eventually tell us the reason(s) for 
"Dishonorable Mention."
    I read Tegmark's paper too, where he seems to attribute the beginning of 
"It" to Inflation.  But he didn't appear to address how, or why, Inflation 
got started.  I guess his definition of "It" ends with our Big Bang.
    Thinking of Big Bangs, or anything else, as a logical process that 
occurs without causality isn't something I'm able to do.  But I'll keep 
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Hi Saibal, Norman

 I did not mean to intervene but so that my name is not
 "called in vain" (:-) I would like to mention that, yes, I read
 Tegmark's paper and enjoyed it much though I could not
 help but notice that, though he promises, he never gets
 to Level IV (my favorite) on this paper, to my regret.

 I don't think that was the reason for the dishonorable mention,
 though! I surely wasn't heard about it..

 As to whom am I? Still trying to find out...


 Godfrey Kurtz
 (New Brunswick, NJ)
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This is a teaser. Why did Tegmark's paper receive Dishonorable Mention?  Who 
is Godfrey?
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Tegmark's essay was not well received (perhaps Godfrey didn't like it? 
 :-) ) 

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