On 07 Sep 2005, at 06:50, Lee Corbin wrote:

Not sure I entirely understand, but it seems to me that we survive in

"Harry potter like universes", but only get very little runtime there

(i.e. have very low measure in those).

What happens is that when you survive in a "Harry Potter like Universe", it will behave like such only a very little "runtime", so that you will survive on the normal extension of the Harry Potter Universe. 
The harry Potter Universe have Normal extension. What is *very unlikely* is to *stay* in a "Harry Potter universe" which *remains* an "Harry Potter universe".

For the computationalist who has already understand UDA (to be careful) it is obvious that the first person death problem is the most difficult problem we could imagine.  We don't know, but assuming comp, we can begin to evaluate the difficulty, at least.


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