Norman writes

>     If it hasn't been proposed before, let me offer the "Norman
> Hypothesis."  It's probably not falsifiable or provable, but I
> haven't let that slow me down.
>    In the Norman Hypothesis, there is no "real" universe.  Turing
> Machine X simulates Turing Machine Y, which simulates Turing
> Machine Z, . . ., which simulates Turing Machine X.

Yes, I too seriously doubt if that is falsifiable.

But I get the same feeling I got when I watched Terminator II.
If a robot comes from the future and warns us never to build
a certain chip, then fine, the chip (and that future) never
exist.  A loop has been excised from time.  But the nagging
question is, "where did the loop come from in the first place?".

Any self-sustaining hypothesis may be generated, I suppose.
Perhaps it's only a Judeo-Christian prejudiced mindset that
needs to know where things came from.   (Embodying as that
does a concept of time.)


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