Yes, my first proposed kind of causation is indeed the usual physics kind of causation.
I'm not sure that you understood my second proposed kind of causation - a  choice made by a teleological agent (like humans) which affects the teleology (process of moving towards one's goals) of other agents.  This is not  'downward causation' or 'efficient causation' as far as I can tell.
My third proposed kind of causation is highly abstract in nature and hard to explain.  It involves the structure of the Multiverse (patterns across multiple QM branches).  A sort of 'Platonic' cause tying different kinds of knowledge together - i.e establishing a logical 'direction' for complexity.
On 9/19/05, Russell Standish <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
OK - the first is the usual sort of cause used in Physics, or material
cause. The second is sometimes known as downward causation, or
efficient causation. The third one, though I'm struggling with. Is it
the same as my "circular causation", sort of first and final casuation
rolled into one?



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