> *Given* that we want a metaphysical 'Theory Of Everything' (the name of this mailing list after all!) we must *assume* as a starting point that mind can comprehend reality.  Our assumption could be wrong.  That's why it's called a *theory* of everything ;) 
Why couldn't the theory be that the mind can comprehend reality, but not all of reality.  Wouldn't that be a theory of everything?  What if that's the actual truth?  We would be doing ourselves a disservice by theorizing otherwise.


Well, of course, the question that arises is: what actually *is* a 'theory of everything'?
By TOE I don't require that the mind can literally comprehend *all* of reality.  I just think that there's some way to integrate mental and physical concepts into a finite unified explanatory framework  which *is* comprehensible.  So for me, a TOE is a theory which explains the relationship between Mind on the one hand, and Reality on the other.  M (Mind) ---- relationship ----- R (Reality).  My theory is attempting to explain that relationship.   
What I'd like is a *logical scaffolding* - a *finite* system which is *universal* in scope - or at least applying everywhere in reality where sentient minds can exist and which explains the relationship between Mind and Reality.    That for me is a TOE.  I don't require that the theory literally explains everything.     

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THE BRAIN is wider than the sky,  
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The one the other will include  
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-Emily Dickinson

'The brain is wider than the sky'

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