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according to your (and Marc's?) definition,
is Hal's work a "TOEandTON"?


The problem, for me, is with the "T" (both in TOE and TON).
I cannot judge. Hal's talk is still too much vague for me.
I appreciate and perhaps share soime intuitions, though.I certainly appreciate the role of logical incompleteness.

Below I have tried to compact my model to see if it helps:

There are three levels of existence in the model:

1) The list of all possible aspects of objects and ideas [and its representative one to one correspondence with the natural numbers].

The next levels contain parsings of this list as objects or the descriptions of such parsings.

2) The [Nothing:All] parsing of the list. [As a pair of resulting objects and at this level due to the unavoidability of there being such objects.]

3) The descriptions of all the possible parsings of the list [kernels] [including level 2] all of which are placed in the All [along with the power set based representation as a one to one correspondence with the real numbers] and none of which are placed in the Nothing.

The incompleteness of the Nothing produces a dynamic at levels 2 and 3.

The inconsistency and content of the All and the imperative for level 2 makes this dynamic random and perpetual.

The resulting dynamic is a repeated extinction/establishment of Nothings and evolving Somethings in the All.

The part of the this dynamic that is within the All [evolving Somethings] provides repeated instantations of physical reality to all the kernels in the All. [In a random fashion in keeping with the inconsistent nature of the All.]

Some kernels are descriptions of states of universes so states of universes are given perpetual repetitions of instantations of physical reality in random sequences.

The result is that all sequences of all states of all universes experience a flow of instantations of physical reality [over and over] some of which bridge states thus giving any Self Aware Structures described in these states a flow of awareness [consciousness].

Hal Ruhl

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