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I do not know if one should use the word Theory but what strikes me is the convergence I see in numerous lines of thought. I see my model as having many features in common with Russell's even though some of the differences may not be subject to complete reconciliation. I also see a place for Bruno's consistent histories, consistent extensions computational hypothesis approach as a sub component of mine. I have been made aware of others that fit the same pattern of convergence towards what appears to me to be a single simple model.

The apparent convergence from such different starting places and ensuing seemingly incompatible lines of thought I find remarkable. It makes me believe that the model at the apex of this convergence is the correct one as far as we can ever know it.

Hal Ruhl

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Marc, Tom, and others who care:

if TOE is hard to identify, even harder to select, and
the hardest to make it reasonable, why "TOE"?
because some reputable old professors started it?
Reminds me of the cobbler-apprentiss who dared to
announce that the king has no cloths on.

John Mikes

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