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the "graph model" itself has nothing to say about the physical laws within the worlds. In a particular instance of the "graph model", say in "our" world, the laws of physics would be represented by the edges in the graph. So when you say "[...] it appears that there is a degeneracy that does not
allow for arbitrary edges to connect to the points  that we use to
particles [...]" for the "graph model" this would mean that those edges
simply not there.


    Ok, then what generates the edges?

I would say that the natural numbers with their additive and multiplicative structures would be a pretty starting point. (This gives already all computational (digital machines) histories).

What "reaches across the nothingness"
and knits a connection?

The observers. The consistent anticipating memory machines generated by many computational histories.

We can not assume a background within which the
graphs are embedded ...

And we don't need to assume the natural numbers are embedded in any more primitive reality. We "define" them axiomatically (and incompletely).

... or we are not making any progress beyond the currect
field and gauge theories.

But those field and gauge theories are overwhelmingly successful. They just does not (yet?) address the question of their relations with math, their possible logical or arithmetical or informatical origin, the first person/third person relation, etc.


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