you brought up old memories...
Seriously: there are countries where a patent can be
granted only if a working model can be produced (this
is against the perpetuum mobile deluge of patents). It
may be valid for a TOE as well.
Less seriously:
I worked with the Hungarian Patent Office (right after
WWII) which was extremely accurate on the
international patent law contracts. An old (and
disgusted) boss said to us (infringement hunters): "do
a good job, because nobody invents anything, people
just don't read the literature". 
The best applications I ran across:
1. coffin with a window (so the dead person can look
2. Space saver nightpot with the handle inside.
No infringements found on either. Working model OK.
You might add some from the 'serious' sciences,,, like
eg. the bootstrap theory etc.

Have a good day

John Mikes

PS just for the record: there was also a criterion for
practicality, but that is beyond the joke.
--- Johnathan Corgan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> John Ross wrote:
> > My April 18, 2005 version of my Theory of
> Everything has recently been
> > published as a patent application.  You can view
> it at the United States
> > Patent Office web site by going to .
>  Click "search" then
> > click "Published Number Search" under Published
> Applications.  Then type
> > in my Patent Application Number: "20050182607".
> Is it April 1st yet?  No?  How unfortunate--I wonder
> how often the USPTO
>  has to deal with sort of thing.

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