I just checked the Australian patent office website - I meant
"design", not "pattern". I wonder where I got the name "pattern" from
- did it used to be used, or is my fading memory of IP nomenclature?

A design would be what Coca-Cola would register to prevent Pepsi from
selling their coke in the classic Coca-Cola shaped bottles. It is not
a patent, since it is not an invention as such. It more akin to a
trademark, something linked to a particular brand in the minds of the

Hope that clarifies.


On Wed, Oct 05, 2005 at 07:15:16PM -0400, Benjamin Udell wrote:
> You're right, I shouldn't say that a copyright is "granted." The issue in 
> copyrights is establishing that one in fact has the copyright, i.e., that one 
> is the originator of the work or that one has obtained rights to it, and that 
> it's something such that the government should recognize it as being subject 
> to copyright law.
> I've never heard of a "pattern" as something akin to a patent or a copyright, 
> and a quick check of dictionary.com didn't clarify. Is it a concept used in 
> Britain and/or Australia?

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