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> Dear Russell,
>    I hope you meant to write that photons are bosons with spin1. Otherwise 

Yes, you are right. Mea culpa! Put it down to the couple of decades
since I studied this stuff...

> we would have a hard time explaining Maxwell's Field equations. ;-) About 
> the differences between neutrinos and photons, we could also point out that 
> photons have a null extension in the time direction and neutrinos, having a 
> small but non-zero mass have an extension in the time direction - I am 
> thinking here in terms of how we would embed our particles in a Minkowski 
> or equivalent space-time diagrams.

Indeed - I thought about raising this difference also. Neutrinos are
now accepted as having nonzero mass, although that wasn't the case
when I was studying physics. Also, this guy would probably come back
with photons having nonzero rest mass! After all, he reckons Einstein
goofed, and that relativity is a load of old cobblers, so having
nonzero restmass particles traveling at the speed of light wouldn't be
a problem for him!

> Kindest regards,
> Stephen
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> Neutrinos are fermions with spin 1/2. Photons are bosons with spin
> 0. This is about as chalk and cheese as you can get. The difference is
> not energy. 

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