Right on Russell!  Has anyone ever measured the spin of a neutrino?
Let's get back to basics?  Let's consider the following which I assume
you fellows believe are true:

* Neutrino travel at the speed of light.
* Only photons travel at the speed of light.  (Except my tronnies that
usually go faster than the speed of light.)
* Neutrinos easily pass through matter although occasionally some are
stopped, gamma rays (the closest things to neutrinos according to the
Ross Model) pass through matter although some are stopped.  Gamma ray
energies are in the range of 1 mev, neutrino energies are in the  range
of 300 mev.
* Our sun produces a lot of neutrinos.  Neutrino flux decreases as
inverse square of distance as does gravity.
* No other theory provides a good explanation of the force of gravity.
(I don't call mass curving space as a "good" explanation.)
* Does anyone have a good explanation why the electromagnetic chart
should stop at about 4 or 5 mev? 

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On Fri, Oct 07, 2005 at 09:02:17PM -0400, Stephen Paul King wrote:
> Dear Russell,
>    I hope you meant to write that photons are bosons with spin1. 
> Otherwise

Yes, you are right. Mea culpa! Put it down to the couple of decades
since I studied this stuff...

> we would have a hard time explaining Maxwell's Field equations. ;-) 
> About
> the differences between neutrinos and photons, we could also point out
> photons have a null extension in the time direction and neutrinos,
having a 
> small but non-zero mass have an extension in the time direction - I am

> thinking here in terms of how we would embed our particles in a
> or equivalent space-time diagrams.

Indeed - I thought about raising this difference also. Neutrinos are now
accepted as having nonzero mass, although that wasn't the case when I
was studying physics. Also, this guy would probably come back with
photons having nonzero rest mass! After all, he reckons Einstein goofed,
and that relativity is a load of old cobblers, so having nonzero
restmass particles traveling at the speed of light wouldn't be a problem
for him!

> Kindest regards,
> Stephen
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> Neutrinos are fermions with spin 1/2. Photons are bosons with spin 0. 
> This is about as chalk and cheese as you can get. The difference is 
> not energy.

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