Actually the simplest potential model of our universe I know of is mine [was I first with this idea?] which I have posted on before. It is just a discrete point space where the points are confined to regions arranged on a face centered cubic grid and "particles" are just dances of these points. It is like 3D cellular automaton where each point independently polls its 12 nearest neighbors and then updates its position in its region based on the outcome and a Huge Look Up Table.

The face centered cubic arrangement of regions where the 12 nearest neighbors are arranged so that there are six inline triples and the central or 13th region is the middle region in each triple seems to have low level oscillations that support the types and family size of known particles. This is considered the low energy arrangement of regions and does not prevent higher energy arrangements and thus higher energy dances "particles" Large objects are just huge coordinated dances. Dances can move through the grid but the points can not.

Hal Ruhl

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