If we are leaving all rationality aside, then how can be talk about relative absurdity and justification?

Tom Caylor

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yes it sounds like blind faith, but I can't see either any rationnality in the faith that not everything exists... If not everything exists then the reality is more absurd... How a justification for only a small part of possibilities
(and only this one) could be found ?


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I guess I'll "break the symmetry" of relative silence on this list

I just don't get how it can be rationally justified that you can get
something out of nothing.  To me, combining the multiverse with a
selection principle does not explain anything.  I see no reason why it
is not mathematically equivalent to our universe appearing out of
nothing.  And I see the belief that our universe appeared out of
nothing as just that, a belief.  In fact, I believe that.  But I don't
see how it makes one iota more rational, "scientific" sense to try to
explain it with a Plenitude and the Anthropic Principle.  It's like a
probability argument that poses the existence of as much unobservable
stuff out there as we need, along with the well-behaved unobservable
probability distribution we need, in order to give us a fuzzy feeling
in terms of probability as we know it in our comfortable immediate
surroundings.  Sounds like blind faith to me.

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