My approach is that there is [exists] a list of possible "features" of objects and ideas. This list is [at least] countably infinite. Universes are described by the various one list to two sub list ways of dividing this list. the number of such divisions is uncountably infinite [a power set]. Nothing and and my All are one of these divisions. If any division has a degree of "reality" this division does. Since the Nothing and the All are a paired sub list there is no rationale for assigning either Nothing or the All a higher degree of "reality" than the other. The Nothing suffers incompleteness and the All suffers inconsistency. The result as explained in my posts is a fleeting and random assignment of a lower degree of "reality" to all the other possible divisions.

The only assumption I can see is of the existence of a countably infinite and divisible list of possibilities.

I do not see how such an assumption can be challenged.

Universes do not arise out of nothing but rather out of the mere possibility of nothing.


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