Tom Caylor writes:

I should make another point, that it seems very likely that the worm has no way of developing the in-apple technology to find out about quantum mechanics or DNA. This emphasizes the fact that we, with our quantum theories, M-theories, and loop gravity etc. could be just as far away from explaining the universe as the worm is.

We're very ambitious on this list, aiming for the One True Theory which will explain the universe. It's fair enough to keep this in mind as the ultimate goal, but you have to remember that every generation of scientists has thought this goal was just in reach, no matter how simplistic and just plain wrong their theories have turned out to be. It isn't just scientists who have thought this way either; theologians and philosophers have also regularly come up with Theories of Everything, or Everything Except a Few Minor Details. Given this history, can we really be certain at the start of the 21st century that our present knowledge and theories are somehow fundamentally different to all that has come before?

--Stathis Papaioannou

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