Le 03-nov.-05, à 06:03, Hal Finney a écrit :

In short, if there really exists a simple mathematical explanation
of our universe, which IMO is a prediction of multiverse theories, I
don't see our present physical models as being very close to that goal.
That doesn't mean that multiverse theories are wrong, but it illustrates
an inconsistency between multiverse models and the belief that we are
"almost there" towards a ToE.

And that illustrates the advantage of the comp theory, it gives by construction the correct physics, without any need, for a comp "believer" to verify it. Except, of course, that comp need to be postulated and we must be open it is could be false. With comp, you see, physics is approached in a radically different way. Different from the 2300 years of Aristotelian Naturalism: comp makes us to go back to Plato. Updtated by Godel's discoveries (and Church, Turing, etc.).



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