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I love your closing sentence! I am not a physicist.

Why do you think that philosophers don't use some
anthropocentric mind-work in identifying 'principles'?

They use that indeed. But they use also deeper xxx-thropocentric principle. To focus only to the human prejudice is a ... human prejudice. deeper prejudices are the lobian one for example. (I can prove to you that you are a lobian machine; note that I cannot prove you are a consistent, still less a sound, lobian machine.

Our Earthenlocked thinking *tool* (we call it usually:
the brain) works 'humanly' whether in physics or in
any other mental exercise (philoso[hy included, even
the (pardon me) logic.

*the* point is that there are many many many many logics. For a number-platonist, classical logic is the more polite way to talk on all the other logics.

We may speculate how to step out (over?) these Earth
bound limitations, but even then we speculate using
our brain in the process.

That is why church thesis is great: it makes most fundamental theorem in computer science independent of the choice of the computer or the choice of the universal system.

A brain is a (local) device capable of making you understand propositions independent of the brain. With comp you can bet that *you* are independent of your brain (like a holliday trip can be independent of the choice of the car, boot, or plane).

It is a little sad you seem not understanding that by "interviewing the universal lobian machine" we have a tool for liberating us, not only of our human prejudices but of our carbon-based origin, and far beyond, actually.



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