Hi John M,

Bruno, fine,

do you mean that you can (with any considered means
you may apply) THINK differently from your "human
mind's" working conditions? That you can absorb and
understand the humanly unabsorbable and

When I wrote my sci-fi, I wanted to apply something
'really' esoteric (non humanly understandable) and
invented for "my 'people' from that alien world" a
kind of energy with 3 (three) poles: a (+), a (-), and
a third one (without description how and what it may
Then later it occurred to me that this was just as a
human idea as the + and - to make it funny for humans.

I could not write (understnad?) about a system beyond
our thinking.
Can you?
What tool would you use for that? Surely not your

The tool is LOGIC. Or better LOGICS. You can see the field of logic as the field of the possible way to reason. I certainly do consider that as a way to go beyond our human limitation. Of course I need to postulate that a "truth" like "17 is a prime number" is universal, absolute and independent of the human way of thinking. By 17 I mean, of course, the number of stroke in "IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII" or anything equivalent.




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