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On Sat, Nov 05, 2005 at 03:37:52PM -0500, Stephen Paul King wrote:
physics. BTW, I am still waiting to read an English version of your Thesis.
That, I hope, might help me. Have you considered Google's translation

With a little arm twisting, I might be tempted into assisting in
translating this thesis. I have been poring over it during my book
writing episode. With a Google translation of the LaTeX sources as a
starting point, I think I could do it reasonably quickly...

Thanks. Unfortunately some people have already send me some automated translations and until now I find them rather awful and hard to understand. Also, I think that my paper "the origin of physical laws", despite its title, is better than my Lille thesis (except I pass over the graph movie argument).

My last paper "Theoretical computer science and the natural science" is still better. It contains new results based on the use of combinators, and make a very clean summary of the interview of the (lobian) universal machine. But it is still under press, and it is also short and technical.

I am thinking about the "official" paper, but I am stuck by the abyss existing in between physicists and logicians.

People interested should really buy some good introductory book on logic, or study the Podnieks page:
Podnieks mentions the book by Mendelson which is really good indeed.




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