Bruno wrote

> I don't know about the work of Heather and Rossiter, except some
> thought on quantum computation I just found by Googling. Perhaps you
> could elaborate a little bit.

I can answer you briefly on that one immediately by giving URL
Please let me know if it disappears before you get there, nowadays
they sometimes do unfortunately. That is very close to implying a
TOE. My own group is It also
gives my blog and URL.

Some work has also been done by Heather and Rossiter on quantum
computing, with some comments on Deutsch's work.

By the way Johnson seems to be the really important man in category
theory, "Sketching the Elephant" being the big book but afraid I am
still reading Lawvere and Schanuel plus a lot of internet stuff. Both
Heather and Rossiter have largish amounts of published work.

Your other comments are of great interest/ I am still reading them and
will be delighted to hear more.

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