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Le Vendredi 11 Novembre 2005 15:24, Bruno Marchal a écrit :
I have also a problem with the expression "staying in the same
branche": you always split or differentiate on 2^aleph_0 branches. Do
you mean branches looking the same from the first person perspective?

I agree that we split every moments, but we can define a branch by an ordered set of events that construct a complete first person perspective. That said it follows that every singular first person is always in one and only one branch... But that means also asking in which branch am I is equivalent to ask which individual am I (amongst semblable but differentiated 1st person

This question is disturbing in the sense that we somehow recognize other
"I" (in other branches) as self (example : "you always split or
differentiate" who is the you ? who/what is splitting ?).

That is why it makes things simpler to keep in mind the difference between the first person self and the thrid person self. Only the third person self is duplicated. Then, because we assume comp, or because we are just polite, we can say that a first person has been duplicated---because we attribute a mind to the two reconstituted person. Now from the point of view of the duplicated persons, each of their own first person has not been duplicated at all. The first person is not duplicable from her first person point of view.

Hope I am clear enough ...



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