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> Hypnogogic myoclonus is a muscle spasm whilst asleep. 
> I looked it up when used before on this discussion list. 
> I often get them (wakes me up, so that is how I know). 
> However, what it has to do with quantum
> immortality, blessed if I know!

I had not read your email at the time of my email sent to 
this group, where I tried to explain its relevance. This is 
because of the peculiar way you send emails.  I 
mentioned in my email, the fact that this 'strong 
mechanistic' approach of Bruno really leaves a lot of 
the real world outside its bailiwick.  No harm in that 
I suppose, as long as in the process he has somehow 
defined 'which bits' are omitted. But due to the 
reletively puny efforts of Solovay's theorem, I doubt 
if he can.

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